We focus on lean, profitable operations with minimal intermediaries, bringing industry and customer as close as possible.

Who we are

More than a traditional Trading Company, we are a dynamic import, export and supply chain trading office with nearly a decade of experience connecting customers and suppliers to operations in a variety of areas..
We think globally, but with a local approach to seeking business opportunities for each client, always in tune with best practices in the international market, respect for the environment, human rights and cultural diversity.
We study for each client the best exchange rate policy, with the most advantageous options in customs duties, Free on Board (FOB), Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), among others - to enable excellent international business.


BHTECH's business approach is based on simplicity, entrepreneurship and innovation, with the goal of generating long-term economic growth for customers and suppliers.


Leverage the results of our customers, turning opportunities into great business.
Meeting customer expectations with quality and strengthening the commitment between employees and the company, Making society useful


Execute best practices and national and international business strategies between suppliers and customers.


Ethics, transparency, flexibility, adaptability and efficiency.

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Business practices

Our business practices

We focus on lean, profitable operations with minimal intermediaries, bringing industry and customer as close as possible. We operate in bilateral trade, identifying and developing potential domestic and international suppliers of products and services for clients wishing to enhance their supply chain, as well as seeking niche and local clients for global suppliers.
We are supported by our team of international associates for prospecting, inspections and active monitoring of all processes, from planning to after sales of products or services.
Our national and international quotations are kept confidential, guaranteeing the equality and protection of information crucial for closing deals.

Hedge / Futures Contracts

In addition to traditional transactions, thinking about financial market exchange rate variations, BHTECH assists in identifying the best partners and financial institutions for asserting contracts, pricing and maintaining a defined capital flow through hedging strategies and futures contracts. Providers.

Hedge / Futures Contracts

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Our Suppliers

We seek the best business partners who can add value to our customers' core business through traceable, certifiable, transparent and accountable processes.
We strive for business rules based on ethics and safety through clear supply contracts that respect international standards of excellence. We hope to incorporate into customers and suppliers the mark of transparency, trust, sustainability and long term relationship.

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